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Viperita karani mudra în gurtalonii

Practice: Lie on the back. The arms are straight, beside the body. Inhaling bend the knees and raise the legs and buttocks. Bring the hands under the hips to support the buttocks.

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Vipareeta karani mudra is a classical hatha yoga mudra which is considered to be a preparatory version for beginning the practise of inverted asanas. The name implies the position of the body in relationship to the gravity as it is changed profoundly in this as well as in all the inverted postures.

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Here s my favorite survival strategy: I close the door, tune in to my favorite track on Savasana by Wah, hit the repeat button, and slide into Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall Pose). I drape a lavender-scented eye bag across my brow, exhale as soulfully as possible, and then invite the posture s quiet softness to sink into every.
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To do Viparita Karani with a prop, place a bolster (or several firm, folded blankets) with the long side parallel to the wall and six inches away from it. Lie with your right hip atop the right end of the bolster. Roll onto your back, bringing the buttocks to the wall. Keep your knees bent and your feet resting.
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Viparita karani is a Sanskrit term that denotes an act of inverting. In Sanskrit, viparita means inverted or reversed, and karani means doing or making. A lthough any inverting action is technically a viparita karani, the term is most commonly used in yoga to indicate an asana known as legs-up-the-wall pose in English.
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A term that describes a variety of postures used in Hatha Yoga , yet with a primary upward and the moon is carried downward is called Viparitakarani Mudra.
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Viparita Karani (Sanskrit: विपरीतकरणी; IAST: viparītakaraṇī) or legs up the wall pose is considered either as an asana or a mudra in haṭha yoga.In modern yoga, it is commonly a fully supported pose using a wall and sometimes a pile of blankets.

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