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Afobazol pentru hipertensiune arterială împreună cu anaprilină

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Afobazole (Fabomotizole) is a novel anxiolytic drug that is used in Russia since 2000’s to treat generalized anxiety disorder. Afobazole has a unique mechanism of action that differs from that of typical tranquilizer drugs. The drug does not bind to benzodiazepine receptors; it works by interacting with melatonin and sigma-1 receptors and restoring the sensitivity of GABA receptors to their.Buy FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.Afobazole (Afobazol) 10mg 60 Pills Afobazole is modern sedative for anxiety and stress, developed by Russian pharmacologists Active substance.US Domestic shipping is available for this product! Choose Ships from: US size option to get it in 3-7 days to any US address.Dont forget to choose US Domestic Shipping when checking out. Fabomotizole is an anxiolytic drug developed in the beginning of 2000s by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. It is currently available commercially under the trade name of Afobazole.Afobazole is the original drug, which has a specific mechanism of action. Therefore Afobazole unlike other sedatives or tranquilizers for the treatment of anxiety. Afobazole has no inhibitory action on the central nervous system and is able to restore the natural mechanism that allows the nervous system to cope with stressful workloads.Afobazole is a novel anxiolytic drug with nootropic properties used in Russia to treat anxiety and some cardiac disorders. According to clinical trials, its efficacy in patients with generalized anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder is comparable to benzodiazepines.Afobazol toxic (LD50 in rats is 1.1 g with 1 mg ED50). The drug is particularly indicated for people with mainly asthenic personality traits as alarming suspiciousness, insecurity, increased vulnerability and emotional instability, tendency to emotional and stress reactions.

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